Stable-diffusion based furry/yiff generator

ai621 is a bot based on stable diffusion which can be used to generate furry content. It gives you access to unlimited prompt-assisted art generation. The bot is especially trained on a high-quality subset of furry boorus.



Warning: though the tutorial tries to be as SFW as possible, keep in mind that due to the nature of the bot the real use examples are not always 100% safe. Be aware of strangers behind you.

  1. SD Basics: from noise to images, through words
  2. Comparison between different number of "inference steps" (cycles)


ai621 might change models at any point, without notice. When this happens, news usually gets posted into @ai621gen.

You can find most of the models (plus some additional ones) here:


           .://:`              `://:.            foxo@sd-server
         `hMMMMMMd/          /dMMMMMMh`          OS: Proxmox VE 11 bullseye
          `sMMMMMMMd:      :mMMMMMMMs`           Kernel: x86_64 Linux 5.15.60-1-pve
  `-/+oo+/:`.yMMMMMMMh-  -hMMMMMMMy.`:/+oo+/-`   Uptime: 2d 14h 2m
  `:oooooooo/`-hMMMMMMMyyMMMMMMMh-`/oooooooo:`   Packages: 1264
    `/oooooooo:`:mMMMMMMMMMMMMm:`:oooooooo/`     Shell: bash 5.1.4
      ./ooooooo+- +NMMMMMMMMN+ -+ooooooo/.       Disk: 5.3T / 28T (19%)
        .+ooooooo+-`oNMMMMNo`-+ooooooo+.         CPU: Intel Core i7-4790 @ 8x 4GHz [70.0°C]
          -+ooooooo/.`sMMs`./ooooooo+-           GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
            :oooooooo/`..`/oooooooo:             RAM: 18581MiB / 23960MiB
      ./ooooooo+- +NMMMMMMMMN+ -+ooooooo/.      
  `-/+oo+/:`.yMMMMMMMh-  -hMMMMMMMy.`:/+oo+/-`  
          `sMMMMMMMm:      :dMMMMMMMs          
         `hMMMMMMd/          /dMMMMMMh         
           `://:`              `://:`           

Running this at home

ai621 is running (ab)using the backend of stable-diffusion-ui. This is the easiest way to run Stable Diffusion at home and have your own ai621bot at home.

To use the furry models, put them inside of the custom-models folders, otherwise the software will force you to use the normal sd-e14 model (sfw only).